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2016 Part Time Courses Begin!

Posted by Social Media on 18/01/2016 6:41:18 PM

Today we welcomed new part time students in the 20 week Creative Photography and 40 week Pro Photography Certificate course. These passionate individuals have taken the first step towards securing a fulfilling life in photography, with new career prospects opening up for them down the line.

We'll be charting their progress as they familiarise themselves with concepts such as lighting, exposure camera craft, establishing a professional workflow, composition, framing, shooting with natural light on location, capturing people around Melbourne and finalising folio projects as they learn how to manage digital files for editing. This is going to be a big ride indeed!

Let's hear from some students on their first day:

Maddy (Instagram: @travel_with_mc) Maddy (Instagram: @travel_with_mc)

"I've always been passionate about photography but I never had the chance to be proactive about it. Working as a tax consultant for the past two years, I realised the need to get back into developing my photography skills. I joined PSC with the hopes of starting a new career as a professional photographer".
- Maddy (40 week Pro Photography course)


Peter (Instagram: @peter_merrick) Peter (Instagram: @peter_merrick)

"I first became interested in photography when I was a child. I've finally got the opportunity to invest in what I've always wanted to do. I came to PSC because it has the best reputation in the field. I currently work in the Healthy and Safety industry and I'm looking forward to being more creative at PSC and learning the theory behind photography. I'm excited about seeing things from a new perspective".
- Peter (20 week Creative Photography Certificate Course)

Arun Kumar Arun Kumar

"I've been doing photography as a hobby and now I'm ready to take it to the next level. I work as an I.T professional and wanted to join PSC because it's the only place that's 100% dedicated to photography - it's not just a side option".
- Arun Kumar

We're excited about meeting other students in the course and seeing their progress. We can already tell that this group will bring much joy to the PSC family in 2016, with their potential to create fascinating work!

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