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PSC Careers: Spotlight on Chloe, Olivia, Piers and Lucie

Posted by Social Media on 09/05/2016 1:10:46 PM

As we celebrated such a grand and momentous event of the PSC graduation ceremony on Friday, 6th of May, students shared their wonderful memories with us and relived the many joyous moments of studying photography with us. We will soon publish the anecdotes written by our graduates, but first let's take a look at some of their professional achievements since completing their course with us.

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Chloe Smith:

Last year, Chloe managed to publish her a story about herself as well as her photography in a book titled 'My Dream Kombi' by Susan Redman, and had the opportunity to print her work on a double-page spread of 'Travel Play Live' magazine. She is currently working as a photographer for The Weekly Times, which she describes as being quite adventurous- she covers a range of stories that revolve around rural properties, farmers, the environment and technology. Chloe is also working on fashion and lifestyle photography, with a busy schedule of travelling to complete her personal projects. [Follow Chloe @_chloesmithphotography_]

Image by Chloe Smith Image by Chloe Smith

Piers Fitton:

Piers is in the thick of building a rich portfolio with clients from the fashion industry. He is working on an assignment with clothing label Grand Scheme, where he has put his 'low key styling' photography trait to good use. Piers is simultaneously doing an internship at The Photo Studio in Fitzroy, where he is immersing himself in the industry of commercial studio management and photography. He's busy forging connections with those in the field and is 'loving photographing people and fashion'.[Follow Piers @p_f_p)

Image by Piers Fitton Image by Piers Fitton

Olivia Mroz:

Since finishing her course last year, Olivia (winner of the Exetel Award for Excellence in Reflection and Self Expression in Photography 2016) has shot fashion editorials for names such as and and started her own business - Olivia&Thyme that covers a range of photography, such as food, commercial, portrait, lifestyle, wedding as well as a range of events. Olivia is particularly passionate about food photography, as she feels that her passion for photography resonates with the artistic approach of the chefs she works with. She is also developing her personal art series, expanding on her folio from last year, and working on a photobook with a publisher. [Follow Olivia @oliviamroz]

Image by Olivia Mroz Image by Olivia Mroz

Lucie McGough:

Lucie McGough was one of the talented recipients of the Peter Petty Memorial Award for technical and aesthetic excellence in landscape photography, at graduation. She has been recently working with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and is busy covering weddings all over the city. While pursuing her commercial ventures, Lucie is also busy exploring the world of contemporary documentary photography and has recently published her very own handmade photobook titled 'The Sleeper and the Beech Tree'. She describes this project as 'part of a larger body of work about experiences and places on the edge of non-existence'. [Follow Lucie @luciemcgough]

Image by Lucie McGough Image by Lucie McGough


We are delighted that our students - now graduates, are carving such impressive careers for themselves in the world of photography. All of them are still very closely connected to each other, even as they enter a new chapter of their lives away from PSC. Our staff and teachers forever provide their guidance to those who have studied with us, helping them along their way as they gain recognition. We look forward to sharing more updates about their progress! For more information about our industry partnerships, click here.


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