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Teaming up with Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) for the first time, we are the official partners for this year's ATOM Photo Comp; a celebration of photographic talents across all primary and secondary schools in Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to be a part of this, as it gives us an opportunity to establish connections with the wider (and growing) community of photographers who aspire to be iconic image makers of our time. The PSC family gladly extends our years of experience and multitude of industry links to those who place importance on photography, and wish to be a part of this exciting, ever-evolving art and profession.

Course director Daniel Boetker-Smith (founder of the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive), art photography coordinator, Sarina Lirosi and teacher Anat Cossen (who are all practicing international photographers) will be judging the ATOM Photo Comp this year. They are undoubtedly expecting their task to be a challenging one, as they expect to see a vast array of wonderfully talented work.

Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen. Meet your judges for the ATOM Photo Comp: Daniel Boetker-Smith, Sarina Lirosi and Anat Cossen.

The theme for this year's competition is quite thought-provoking, which will ignite an eclectic mix of interpretations. Photographs submitted must reflect 'A Sense of Place', touching upon the way photography showcases unique perspectives of the world we live in.

We wish all photographers the best of luck with the competition, which you can learn more about from the ATOM Photo Comp website. For those who are interested in furthering their understanding of photography, feel free to look at our full time degree and part time courses. Full time applications are now officially open and we are currently accepting students in our last part time course intake of the year!

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