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Staff Scholarship: Harriet Tarbuck

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Staff Scholarship: Harriet Tarbuck



Lecturer of the third year subjects Mentor and Industry Practicum and Creative Industries – The Business of Photography


Domain: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship  


Project #2: Photo Collective

Photo Collective connects photographers, writers, curators, educators and artists from all around Australia, creating opportunities and forming long standing collaborations.  

A financially and politically independent organisation, since 2014 Photo Collective has been immersed in finding meaning and sharing knowledge through photography. Through our initiatives including Australian Photography Awards, Photo Collective Magazine, Australian and New Zealand Photobook Awards and our digital and educational programs, we provide valuable pathways for creatives to gain recognition and progress their careers. We promote accessibility within photography and recognise its ability to bring people together to share knowledge and understanding. Whilst celebrating some of Australia’s most well-known photographers, Photo Collective also acts as an entry point for an emerging demographic and provides a valuable outpost for the public to engage in the visual arts.

Teaching Strategies:

Running Photo Collective enables me to understand the photography industry from both the backend (funding, financial oversight, promotion, grant writing, etc.) and what is happening at the coalface in the Australian image production world – especially what is new and exciting. Facilitating awards means I can give students direct and informed advice on where and how they should be getting their work into the world. Working within the community also enables me to connect students with mentors that match their research interests and career aspirations.


Harriet Tarbuck is a photographic artist, curator, educator and business owner. Alongside a commercial and artistic practice, Harriet is a Co-Founder and Creative Director behind Photo Collective, an organisation dedicated to finding meaning and knowledge through photography. Photo Collective operates awards initiatives, a biannual publication, photobook publications, commissioned articles, exhibitions, public talks and educational programs. Through her personal work and Photo Collective, Harriet spends her time fostering inclusive and diverse community engagement projects, that highlight her skills in mentoring, education, project management, fundraising and bringing community together.


Photo Collective



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