PSC's Master Of Arts Photography is Underway.

Posted by Daniel Boetker-Smith on 5 April 2018 12:44:00 PM

The Photography Studies College Masters programme is underway and our students are currently working with their Mentors – a unique part of the programme where we pair students up with high-profile photographers in Australia and internationally for an extended period of time to help them with their projects. This semester our Mentors include:

Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan), Melinda Gibson (UK), Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore), Rohan Hutchison (Australia), Mathieu Asselin (France/Venezuela).

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring each one of our Mentors, and telling you more about their work. Our first featured Mentor is Rena Effendi

Rena Effendi’s early work focused on the oil industry’s effects on people’s lives. As a result, she followed a 1,700 km pipeline through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, collecting stories along the way. This work was published in 2009 in her first book Pipe Dreams: A chronicle of lives along the pipeline.

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