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April has definitely been an eventful month, with numerous student activities and international competitions taking place. We've had our students win major prizes at the AIPP Victorian State Awards, graduate Emma McEvoy's magical 'Sand Castles' exhibition, teacher Katrin Koenning's showcase at the Australian Centre for Photography, as well as our first ever secondary school collaborative-workshop session! The PrintShop @PSC has been equally if not more busy, with a stream of professional photographers visiting Peter, in order to print their award-worthy photographs. Here's a snapshot of the happenings at the PrintShop during April, with quotes from Peter's clients:

Trevor Neal

Image of Trevor Neal's series, 'Interrobang?!' taken by Peter Hatzipavlis Image of Trevor Neal's series, 'Interrobang?!' taken by Peter Hatzipavlis


'Interrobang?!' is an image I took in Berlin last year and forms part of a series called Berlin Walls. I shoot with a FujiFilm X Pro-1these days and whilst it is a great camera it does have its limitations. With Peter's assistance I was able to put together a limited edition fine art print run which recently sold out.

Journey as a Photographer:

Photography has always been close to me in some way or another. Early introductions came courtesy of my Grandfather, his "box brownie" and the multitude of black and white photographs scattered throughout his makeshift darkroom. As a small boy, that room, the focal point of  a "shed complex" which lay behind a modest regional Australian home, was both a mystery and an intrigue.

Years later, sport had become  the focus of life and I remember my passion for photography being ignited through, what I respectfully call, the "Steffi Graf" years.  It was a time spent exploring the beauty of "black and white" and the perfect sporting image. As life rolled on, I found myself travelling more and more. These experiences seemed to trigger a deeper curiosity about the world; its vastness, beauty and that sense of being. Subsequently, my interpretation of landscape and streetscape photography began to transition from simple travelogue, to a more vigorous pursuit of the photographic art form. As I set about sharpening both my skills and appreciation for this, a different set of questions began to emerge.

Today, the inspiration for my photography comes from an effort to make sense of a world that's mine, particularly as I continue to navigate the murkiness of midlife. I find myself in awe of those with the courage to confront their vulnerability.  I'm even more admiring of those willing to use this as a foundation for their artistic expression. To me, this requires a great authenticity and has become something to which I aspire. 

I recently heard a renowned photographer say that ...good photography begins with having something to say....  I am learning about that. And as the journey evolves, I am hopeful that my images and their intention might touch someone in some way, no matter how small or different that may be.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

I have been using Peter's services for a couple of years now and can't recommend him highly enough. I certainly value his knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, however I also think its his kind, helpful approach and responsiveness to any request which sets him apart. Not only do I walk away with a high quality print every time but I always feel like I've learnt something along the way!

Website: www.trevornealphotography.com

Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman Image by Serap Osman

Image by Serap Osman Image by Serap Osman


The series featured is called “after hours”. The images were shot on 120mm film using a plastic camera. The film was cross-processed, producing the colours you see in the images attached. All the images were shot on rainy Melbourne winter’s evenings. Hopefully they prove that some beauty can still be found in miserable conditions.

Journey as a Photographer:

For as long as I can remember I was always fascinated by photography. I vividly remember my Dad’s Pentax KX camera and saving up my pocket money for my first camera when I was 10 years old. After high school, I did a degree in media in Turkey and continued to learn more about photography, including black & white processing and printing.

I then arrived in Australia and completed the BA Photography degree course at RMIT. The period in which I studied at RMIT mean I had to shoot film during the first 2 years of the program and could also shoot digital images in the final year. The course opened my eyes to the possibilities to combine film and digital technologies and also taught me to respect both formats. 13 years on, I still love shooting both film and digital images and sometimes combine the two.

 It took me years to realise that my work was fine art and not necessarily commercial. The biggest change in my photography has been embracing that notion and exploring my ideas to their conclusion. I am looking forward to expanding on m knowledge, technique and ideas as the years go on.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

I was first introduced to Peter, and the PrintShop, back in 2015. Fellow Photographer Cameron Clarke and I were preparing for an exhibition as part of the stills co-op. Peter helped me prepare my exhibition images for print and since then I have never looked back. It has been a pleasure to work with Peter through the scanning and printing process. I have grown to respect his opinion and listen to his thoughts given his experience in producing fine art prints.

Website: www.seraposman.com.au

Julian Dolman

002 Image by Julian Dolman

Image by Julian Dolman Image by Julian Dolman


These two images are taken from a series captured over a 3 week road trip across America in 2014. They were taken as personal work but closely followed the narrative of a book being authored by a friend with the ideas firmly rooted around the idea of freedom. Shot on 35mm film using a Contax G1 the colour image was shot on our way out of New York into Pennsylvania by train, the second image which for my eye is the quintessential America road shot was taken from the window of a Mustang while driving from San Francisco down to LA. The plan is to go back next year following a different route and capture on a medium format digital rig to allow further expansion of the printing process.

Journey as a Photographer:

I fell in love with Photography as a child, hugely fascinated by being able to capture images so closely resembling how they looked in real life. My studies were completed at NMIT back in 2003 where I was primarily interested in Landscapes but as the studies came to a close I had caught the portrait bug and I have spent the last 15 or so years photographing Actors. Looking back I feel strongly that the studies taught me how to use a camera creatively and that through going out into the world and working I have slowly learned how to be a photographer and run a photography business.These days I run the Headshot business from my East Brunswick Studio and it affords me the luxury to travel and photograph on the street which just takes me back to taking pictures for love not money which is a great feeling to get back.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

Put simply the experience of working with Peter has been hugely inspiring and his work and passion for what he does I believe is unmatched in Melbourne. Peter takes great care and immense skill to bring images to life as prints, and in a digital world where printing your work can become such a rare treat, this just makes you fall in love with photography all over again.

Website: www.headshotphotographer.com.au

Jessica Ledwich

Image of Jessica Ledwich and her work, taken by Peter Hartzipavlis Image of Jessica Ledwich and her work, taken by Peter Hartzipavlis


The Golden Bird explores western cultures obsession with material goods and the absurdity of what we choose to assign value to. A desiccated bird, undesirable in its true form is transformed into an object of beauty and desire.

Journey as a Photographer:

When I look at my early work I can clearly see the influence of the photographers I admired.  I think the biggest development in my photographic practice has been the refinement of my own visual language and style. Through continually shooting and experimenting I have developed a language and style that best expresses my concepts. This is still developing but I can now see a ‘voice’ in my work that wasn’t there in the beginning. This is a natural journey that all photographers have, and continue to have until they put down the camera.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: 

The reason why I choose Peter at the PSC Print shop is because of his expertise and experience with all aspects of the photographic print. He brings his technical knowledge and creative insights into the process so I can make the most out of my images. My work is often difficult to resolve within a print context due to the aesthetic devices I employ, but Peter understands the communicative potential of the photographic print and because of that I completely trust the outcome of my prints in his hands.

Website: www.jessicaledwich.com

Vicki Bell

Image of Peter Hatzipavlis at work, by Vicki Bell Image of Peter Hatzipavlis at work, by Vicki Bell


I have a great passion for people and family life so this commission was creating a wall collection for a client I have photographed for many years . This was a home shoot in the client's newly built  home and they wanted to create a feature in the hallway to celebrate their young family and their new chapter. 

Journey as a Photographer:

The best part of being a photographer over 20 years is being apart of the evolution and revolution. Beginning form the darkroom film days was a great starting block. I have loved the challenge of learning new technology and embracing the possibilities of image making in the digital era. The business of photography has definitely been the biggest change because it is so accessible to the masses; this has been the biggest challenge to remain competitive in the market as a portrait photographer. Again establishing good relationships with clients, making good first impressions and having integrity is key in the longevity of any business.

Experiences with the PrintShop @ PSC: '

f there's one thing I have learnt in all my years as a photographer is the importance of establishing strong relationships with industry partners that you can trust and rely; I have certainly found that with Peter. He provides great service and quality but most of all he can finesse my file so it translates perfectly on the right paper for the image. Knowing that Peter is also a photographer with years of experience and a passion for the craft of printing means my work is in excellent hands.

Website: http://vickibellphotography.com.au/

April has been such an inspiring month at the PrintShop. We encourage readers and students to visit the PrintShop to learn as much as they can from Peter. We thank the photographers who gave their time to tell us about their stories and can't wait for the chance to see their work exhibited in the near future! Thank you for the update, Peter - we look forward to the month of May.

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April Highlights at the PrintShop @PSC

April has definitely been an eventful month, with numerous student activities and international