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For Friday August 4th, we are featuring final year Advanced Diploma Photojournalist major Kadek Thatcher.

Kadek Thatcher

How did you get into photography?
Well I originally wanted to be an actress but mum told me I wasn't going to step out of high school and be in Hollywood, so I picked up the camera in year 10 and have never looked back.
Did you have any plans of what sort of photography you wanted to get into? 
When I started I knew I needed to learn my camera and the basics of photography back to front before I really thought about what I wanted to do but also always knew I wanted to do sport photography particularly AFL.
What is the most beneficial thing you have learned in your time at PSC?
Probably networking and experience are definitely the main things I have learnt in life and photography. As well as do something that you love and not what someone else would want you to do.
Have you had any challenging moments? 
My most challenging moment would be stepping out of my comfort zone. I am not one to go well with directing people when doing studio shoots but have learnt a lot through the past 3 years at PSC to overcome and be the master of the camera.
What about rewarding  moments?
 Most rewarding moment would be seeing my photography improve each time I shoot. Knowing that I have come so far since starting has been amazing to see.

Kadek Thatcher

Have you noticed a development in your style of shooting?
Well before PSC I didn't really do much sport and I used Auto, which let's just say was not a proud moment. Now using Manual, and over the years at PSC I have seen that through shooting each week for footy, I try to be different and capture moments that people may miss in the games as well as trying to make them look different and stand out from the usual footy photos you see. I am still learning and experimenting each week.

Do you have a body of work you are most proud of?
Can I say my football photos? All of them. Especially really starting to get into it last year and being able to volunteer with AFL Victoria and seeing my work out there makes me so proud. But also getting to shoot the first season of TAC Cup Girls was a proud moment to be a part of that history making competition.
Are you working on anything right now?
At the moment, I am photographing each weekend for AFL Victoria, shooting VFL and VFLW.
What do you do when you're not taking photos?
Literally shooting every weekend but pretty much going to the AFL. I am a massive Hawthorn supporter, watching Netflix like any student would be and hanging out with my two dogs.
Where do you find your motivation?
 I find my motivation with seeing my work being out there on the AFL Victoria website or VFL website and their social media pages. Knowing that my work is out there makes me feel motivated to know where I could be in the next few years.
Who/what inspires you?
I am inspired by everyone in my class everyday. Seeing their work being improved from 1st year to now is amazing. As well as AFL Photographers, I absolutely love seeing their photos each week from the weekend's games. Also my mentor Darrian Traynor, a past student of PSC; his work in AFL/Sport and Photojournalism is why I wanted him as my mentor.
What is your dream job/shoot?
My dream is to be working for the AFL as a photographer and even for an AFL club as a photographer for them. That is the main goal for me.
 To stay up to date with Kadek, follow her on Instagram 

Kadek Thatcher

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