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  • PSC's Advanced Diploma Graduate Exhibition Opens 26 May

PSC's 2016 Advanced Diploma of Photography Art Major graduate Lloyd Pereira will open his upcoming exhibition 'The light that returns each night (my unfolding)' this Wednesday 26 May from 6:30pm to 8pm. 

Lloyd Pereira IG

This is a series of conceptual portraits of our molecular composition. Captured in photographs, these works explore the relationship between scientific knowledge, philosophy and contemporary constructs of our identity.

"I really owe a lot to PSC in guiding me down the path of being a fine art photographic artist. As my photographic work evolved at PSC I was encouraged to embrace the notion that photography is not just about the technicalities of the studio, camera and lens, but a unique way of knowing the world around me and a means to articulate a vision of it," Lloyd said.

The exhibition will be held at Tacit Art gallery in Collingwood and runs until 12 June, 2021.




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