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Check out our new workshop!

Up up and away!!! Workshop students to get all day access to the latest DJI drones with expert guidance from leading photographer and trainer Nic Kocher. Find out about dates and location...

We can’t wait for our upcoming Drone Workshop - "Introduction to Drone Photography"

Thurs 15th February 6pm-9pm Zoom 

Plus Saturday 17th February 10am-5pm on location

at Healesville (lunch included)

Teacher – Nic Kocher


Elevate your image capture skills to new heights with our Drone Photography Workshop! Join us on Thursday February 15th, from 6pm to 9pm via Zoom, where you'll delve into the fundamentals of drone photography and video.


Then on Saturday February 17th, the adventure continues as we take the workshop to the picturesque Healesville from 10am to 5pm. Get hands-on experience navigating drones, capturing breathtaking aerial shots, and mastering the nuances of composition from stunning vantage points.


Led by seasoned professional photographer and trainer Nic Kosher, this workshop is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts looking to add a new dimension to their photography portfolio. Unleash your creativity and explore the world from a unique perspective.


There’s only a few spaces left so follow this link to grab your chance to capture the world from a bird’s eye view. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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