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Master of Arts Photography


Domain: Identity and Culture 


Project #3: Anna Gottlieb THE me IN THE SANDWICH

THE me IN THE SANDWICH investigates the artist’s own lived experience as a member of the Sandwich Generation. It attempts to unpack what is a complex social, cultural and mostly feminist issue; the labour of caring for both parents and children at once, something that is primarily left to the daughters who are also mothers.


This project charts the artist’s wild journey to discover whether such an undertaking can be therapeutic or provide catharsis. The photobook, which was the key work of this research, captures the way in which the process gave the artist peace and examined if, after the sandwich is completed, they still existed. In essence, it is a self-portrait.


The photobook was shortlisted for the Australian and New Zealand Photobook Awards 2024 in the student category.  




Anna Gottlieb is a Melbourne-based photographer whose more recent work delves into the deeply personal issues of depression, overwhelm and self-discovery. THE me IN THE SANDWICH formed the basis of her Masters of Arts - Photography undertaken at Photography Studies College, Melbourne.


IG: @fox_cottage

Website: foxcottage.com.au


Australian and NZ Photobook Book Award Student Category 2024:





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