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MA Scholarship Project: Peter Berzanskis

MAP Peter Berzanskis Arrival

Master of Arts Photography


Domain: Truth and Technology  


Project #2: Utopia 

“Every day we pass through anonymous public spaces without emotional investment. But what if we stopped to check in with ourselves in these spaces?” 


Peter is an architecture photographer and came to PSC to undertake the MA with a goal to establish his art practice. His digitally composited images position viewers at the edge of a spaces they are considering entering. Built environments are stripped of context. Structures have no discernible purpose or entry points. Signs are absent or incongruous and paths lead nowhere. Peter’s city evokes the existential alienation of lives lived out in unremarkable apartment towers. During the MA program Peter established Stranger Gallery in St. Kilda and hosts many successful photography exhibitions.  




Peter Berzanskis' work serves as a social and political critique of contemporary Western society, unveiling the dichotomy within urban landscapes – from corporate monuments symbolising success, to the forgotten, shadowy corners. He received the prestigious MGA Monash Gallery of Art Award for Excellence.  




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