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Our Year 11 & 12 workshop happened this week and it has been an amazing experience for all the students that joined us and everyone here at PSC! 

Photography is what we do and share as a means of communication, expression and above all connection. PSC lecturer Mark Harper surely captivated the minds of everyone by sharing his amazing lighting skills in the studio and sparked some joyful creativity in the students, who soon enough made their way around their cameras and started using lights with one another, learning and playing with the photographic medium. 

We would like to thank everyone who came along to our workshop, all the students as well as the schools who encouraged them to join. We would also like to thank the most stellar staff and students we have here who share their knowledge wholeheartedly with everyone who comes through our doors to learn, our PSC Pals Josh and Dane, who also create such a funny and joyful mood on campus, Kat, Max and Leah in the studio, and Andrew and Sally as course advisors who make sure everyone knows about what we have to offer here and what we do best! 

We can’t wait to organise our next Year 11 & 12 workshops for the winter season and to hopefully see many of the familiar faces who came in for some fun learning experience, cameras in hand. We will also be opening our doors very soon for you all to come to our next Open Day, Sunday 29 May 2022, from 10 am to 3 pm, find out more and register here!


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