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Congratulations to our Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging class of 2022 students, who had a recent photography exhibition opening, entitled "One's Own".

"Through this exhibition, we gain an insight into the passions of these inspiring students and enjoy and admire their own unique forms of creative expression."


Many thanks to Nic Kocher, George Poulakis, Agata Mayes, Guy Little, and Jill Bartholomeusz, as well as the Certificate IV students for organising, curating, and installing the exhibition. We're really proud of their achievements and the fantastic range of work they produced in their six-month course.

We urge you to go along and check this exhibition out!

This exhibition will be open until 30 June, on the 3rd floor of Southgate Shopping Complex, Southbank.

These prints are all for sale, so to view the online shop, click here.


Click here to find out more about the Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging course, commencing on 25 July.



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