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Stranger Things

Posted by Social Media on 28/03/2019 5:45:00 PM

Confronting and visceral is one way to describe visual artist and Photography Studies College graduate Sophie Gabrielle's haunting series (currently on exhibition via Foam gallery in New York and featured in Foam magazine). While her body of work may tug on our fears of being human lab rats, she says it was all part of her healing process . We talk to Sophie about her experimental work, artist residency in Iceland and how PSC helped nurture her award-winning artistic sensibilities. 

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"This job really is amazing" - Alumni Teagan Glenane

Posted by Social Media on 03/02/2019 4:56:00 PM

"The most rewarding moment at PSC was probably when I realised that my work could contribute to something bigger than just making an image.
It could tell a story, create emotion and feeling."

PSC Alumni, Teagan Glenane shares how she turned her creativity into a career.

 What inspired you to study photography?

Since I can remember I loved making things, and all things creative bought me so much joy. I love art, magazines, books, movies, all things visual, but it turned out I was actually pretty crap at painting and drawing. My studio arts teacher in year 11 took the paints away and lent me an old film camera instead. The first photos I took were pretty crappy, but they felt good to make. Watching those images form from nothing but light and chemicals in front of my eyes, was magic. 

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PSC Student - Stavros Messinis, Awarded at the CCP Salon 2018.

Posted by Mandarine Montgomery on 18/12/2018 10:57:35 AM

PSC student Stavros Messinis was recently awarded the Ilford CCP Salon Best Photobook Design Award for his title "Dream State".
We recently caught up with Stavros to ask him about his recent success and his love of creating photobooks.

Congratulations Stavros. You must be very pleased with the outcome.

How did “Dream State “come about?

Thank you. Yes, the award was a wonderful surprise which I did not expect. I was just happy to present my work at such a great photography exhibition.
The "Dream State" started as a personal style development project at PSC. Working on this project, doing research, shooting, editing and presenting photos in the class and with the feedback I was getting, I believe I finally found a new way to express myself poetically through photography. This project is inspired by Surrealism, like my poetry. So, working on this project was an exciting experience.


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Part time student Stephanie Tuite: Why she's happy to be at PSC

Posted by Mandarine Montgomery on 03/10/2018 7:16:40 PM

Stephanie Tuite started her Part Time photography course this year and when we asked her about her experiences at PSC, she was only too willing to fill us in on what it's like as an older student with a busy lifestyle, deciding to take a leap into the creative world of photography.

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Hanh boatman | How a love of photography is helping expand her skills in her current career

Posted by Mandarine Montgomery on 24/09/2018 7:16:33 PM

"Studying part-time at PSC has given me a great platform to develop my photography skills and meet a range of wonderful people."

Hanh Boatman is enjoying her newfound knowledge and friendships she has formed while studying. We catch her for a quick chat...

What led you to enrol in a photography course?

As an Interior Designer who has worked in London, I found myself wanting to expand my artistic flare. I am a creative individual who has always adored the visual arts, therefore it was only natural for me to pursue my other passion, which is photography. As an expatriate who’s had the privilege to live throughout Asia, Europe and Australia, I found myself wanting to 

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Michael Coyne Interviews Australian Photojournalist and PSC Grad Darrian Traynor

Posted by Peter Hatzipavlis on 04/08/2016 5:05:16 PM

Australian photojournalist and PSC graduate Darrian Traynor currently works with renowned global brand Getty Images and has his work featured in publications by Fairfax Media, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Guardian. He is also a seasoned sports photographer, shooting AFL, cricket and rugby games around the country.

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A Day with the PSC Photojournalism Class

Posted by Peter Hatzipavlis on 29/11/2015 11:22:00 AM

Creative lighting on location was theme-of-the-month for Advanced Diploma Photojournalism majors in August.

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PSC students produce an ANZAC Day video for The Age newspaper

Posted by Peter Hatzipavlis on 19/05/2015 9:01:27 AM

On Anzac Day, PSC PJ students covered commemorative events at various locations throughout Melbourne. The resulting multimedia video, edited by Fairfax Senior Producer Tom McKendrick, was featured on the home page of The Age website

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Internships with The Age newspaper

Posted by Peter Hatzipavlis on 19/05/2015 9:00:45 AM

Recent PSC PJ graduates talk about their work experience as interns at The Age newspaper

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PSC students document ANZAC Day

Posted by Peter Hatzipavlis on 19/05/2015 8:59:26 AM

PSC PJ students are shown here working together to produce a multimedia video of ANZAC Day events for The Age newspaper.

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