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Congratulations to our recent PSC Master of Photography student and teaching assistant, Kaitlyn Church, for being selected as a 2022 Studio Artist with PLATFORM LAB. This flagship artist development program aims to increase the industry expertise and live presentation outcomes for emerging and early-career contemporary artists. 

undefined-1 Image: Installation of Fordtown 2021

Kaitlyn Church is an emerging Melbourne-based documentary photographer and photojournalist, focusing on the ever-changing landscape of Australia. Her upbringing in rural Victoria is a source of inspiration for her primarily long-form photographic work.

In 2021, Kaitlyn completed her Master of Photography, supervised by Dr. Kristian Haggblom and mentored by Jessie Boylan and Regine Peterson. Her graduate show Fordtown, exhibited at Platform Arts in 2021, explored the social ramifications of the closure of the Geelong Ford Factory.

As part of the LAB Studio Artist stream, Kaitlyn will continue to expand upon her Geelong-based project Fordtown through collaboration with experts and former factory workers to develop a detailed photobook.

Stay tuned to see more of Kaitlyn's work through her website and Instagram.

Image: Installation of Fordtown 2021, by Kaitlyn Church

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