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  • Congratulations to our Cert IV Students for their exhibition Opening, 'Vision'


Image: PSC Certificate IV in Photography & Digital Imaging students and tutor Sion Ramsden-Smith

We were delighted that some of our Certificate IV in Photography & Digital Imaging (CUA41120) students had their end-of-course exhibition at our South Melbourne campus on Friday, 31 March. This concluding exhibition is always such a rewarding and exciting way for the students to share with everyone the progress they have made in just 20 weeks of studies at Photography Studies College.


Image of: PSC Certificate IV in Photography & Digital Imaging student, Michael Bouldolh in front of exhibiting work.

Students in our Certificate IV come from diverse backgrounds, including high school leavers and returning mature-age students. Some students have a background in photography, and some are without but use their current experience in various fields to assist in their photography.

Our next intake for the Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging commences on 24 April with Skills First funding available.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to start your photography journey, and find out if you are eligible for any subsidies by contacting our Future Students Team: study@psc.edu.au

Another great benefit is PSC's Certificate IV in Photography & Digital Imaging is the pathway option into the Bachelor of Photography. Successful completion of the Certificate IV will allow for Credit Transfer and guarantee entry into the course.

To apply for our Certificate IV in Photography & Digital Imaging, click here.oct_intake-10oct_intake-9oct_intake-8-1

Image: PSC staff, students and guests at the exhibition opening.

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