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Image of: PSC's Pro Photography Certificate Student, Cathy Thunder

This week, we were delighted to hear from PSC student Cathy Thunder, who recently completed her part time (two semester) Pro Photography Certificate course.

Cathy shared with us some of her insights, and feedback on learning photography at PSC.⁠

"For years, I've had an interest in wanting to learn photography but never quite got around to starting. But during the covid lockdown boredom,I was searching for something new to look forward to and I finally enrolled and started my photography journey this year. It's been a fantastic year of learning and I've really enjoyed the classes and the vibe at the college. I feel so privileged to benefit from the invaluable experience and knowledge of my PSC tutors.⁠"⁠

"For my semester two Folio, I chose food photography as my genre and I set about setting up a studio at home, first starting with a cheap halogen light from Bunnings. Then just prior to completing the weekend lighting workshop, I purchased a studio strobe and speedlight which together with the knowledge and confidence I gained from the workshop, gave me more control over my lighting and the mood of my shots. I am thrilled with my progress and the folio that I put together having never ventured into food photography other than the obligatory shot on a mobile phone when eating out. I never would have thought that within just one year, I could produce such work.⁠"⁠

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Cathy! See some of Cathy's fantastic work below:

food 5