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worke experienceImage by PSC Student, Kaede James-Takamoto

This week PSC had the pleasure of hosting two Year 10 work experience students, Mali and Chrysanthi, from Santa Maria College in Northcote who spent time with us learning the various aspects of our college. From shooting in the studio to assisting Nathan in our PrintShop, Mali and Crysanthi were able to learn about the wide range of career opportunities and outlooks that come from photography. 

They joined in on some of our Bachelor of Photography classes, exploring studio practice, contemporary media, image making and the moving image. 

Their new found skills were put into practice, as they explored and captured the laneways of Melbourne on a photo shoot. We look forward to seeing the images that the girls created during their time here and wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

PSC is delighted to offer work experience to year 10 students. If your students would like to take part, or are interested in Work Experience with us, please contact Sally Kaack (study@psc.edu.au).


“My favourite part was taking photos of each other ... something I really enjoyed at PSC was the PrintShop, seeing the process of printing and going to the studios to take photos.”


- Mali and Crysanthi



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