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Amanda Shackleton recently completed her Advanced Diploma in 2015. Being a part time student at PSC, Amanda was steadfast in securing a variety of assignments for herself within and outside PSC. Last July, she was selected for The Northsider internship, an opportunity organised by PSC teacher Bill Bachman for students every year.  After submitting a folio of work comprised of images she created at PSC and for external clients, Amanda had the chance to meet the photo-editor of The Northsider who then offered her the internship.

Image by Amanda Shackleton Image by Amanda Shackleton

The Northsider is a local - community paper that features the culture and life of Melbourne's northern suburbs. During her internship so far, Amanda has had the chance to cover portraits of different people and various local businesses (such as cafes and restaurants). She was also fortunate to shoot photographs for a feature on cerebral palsy, with the Cerebral Support Network in Preston. On top of this, the paper published her article about ‘The Humble Dumpling’. This was an assignment she had prepared for PSC, which then was chosen by The Northsider.

Image by Amanda Shackleton Image by Amanda Shackleton

According to Amanda, the internship exposed her to different types of briefs and meeting press deadlines. She feels that her experience at PSC has provided the skills needed to meet the briefs at The Northsider.

Image by Amanda Shackleton. Click image to read her article. Image by Amanda Shackleton. Click image to read her article.

‘We did a lighting on location class with Bill Bachman and Scott McNaughton last year, which was fantastic. I took the skills that I picked up in that class, into my shoots with The Northsider. The class taught me to think on my feet with the equipment I had, and look at ways of using natural light.”

Image by Amanda Shackleton. Images by Amanda Shackleton.

Amanda also just had her final folio series at PSC, ‘Beer’s Run’ published by Trail Run magazine (January Edition). This is a remarkable photo-essay that Amanda created, after her experience of following runner Aiden Beer’s  100km marathon along The Great Ocean Road trail. Amanda also made a short documentary on this.


We wish Amanda all the best and look forward to seeing further developments in her work.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities at PSC with our part time course options, feel free to contact us. 

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