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Second year bachelor students prepare for their photobook exhibition

Posted by Social Media on 24/11/2016 3:56:11 PM

Our second year bachelor students are currently preparing for their photobook exhibition - this Friday the 25th of November at Magic Johnston Cultural Complex in Collingwood from 6pm - 8pm. Come along and see some incredible new photobooks and photographic prints!

"The most rewarding thing about studying at PSC is being able to discuss and share work with such a diverse and talented range of people whether they're teachers or other students." - Anastasia Jackson


by Fuad Osmancevic by Fuad Osmancevic

"Having been encouraged to become independent thinkers, I’ve been able to push myself thanks to my lecturers." - Fuad Osmancevic


"I think PSC has given me a chance to push my own ideas while also developing my skills and style. It’s really broadened my knowledge photographically, not only in a technical sense but also in regards to what is happening in contemporary photography around the world right now." - James Bugg


"The most rewarding thing about studying at PSC is being in such an incredible environment that encourages creativity and exploration. The wealth of knowledge from both the staff and fellow students is invaluable." - Sam Forsyth-Gray

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