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Eric Jong

This weekend we're presenting Eric Jong, who's undertaking the Bachelor Pathway Program which he started late last year. Eric graduated from PSC with an Advanced Diploma in photojournalism in 2010 and has returned to the creative campus after thinking about his photographic practice and missing the experience of being around other individuals who are passionate about photography.

The projects he completed while in his final year at PSC in 2010 are:
Behind the scenes at the melbourne museum:  http://www.ericjong.com.au/#/melbmuseum/ and a project about a young social worker  http://www.ericjong.com.au/#/the-way-community/

1425618094977 Street stall by night. Taipei, Taiwan. Image by Eric Jong

Upon graduating from PSC in photojournalism he worked with a local NGO that sends patients from East Timor to Melbourne for life saving surgery:  http://www.ericjong.com.au/#/east-timor-hearts-fund-lucas/

Eric is currently working on his Bachelor Pathway program  folio which covers the lives of the sailors who work on shipping containers: http://www.ericjong.com.au/blog/2015/11/25/8-x-8-x-20-work-in-progress

You can follow Eric's journey here.

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