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It is always so enjoyable to hear from our alumni, and this week we have had the excitement of double updates from two of our graduates!  Rakuto Makino and Hiroki Nagahiro, both originally born in Japan, graduated from PSC's Advanced Diploma of Photography in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Specialising in PSC's art photography stream saw Rakuto exhibited in the Fresh 13 and Secret Street exhibitions in 2013 with his work "Yata-Garasu".  This Japanese legend inspired series reflected on Rakuto's experiences, the process of creating and the journey of self-discovery.

"I believe that life is a journey to find out who we really are. It can be a swirl of chaotic confusion and continuous inner battle of ever changing identity. Sometimes this can be confusing because we are encouraged to be unique, yet oppressed to follow the certain accepted social standards. Sometimes we become what we are in order to fit into society." - Rakuto

Racket Makino, from the series "Yata-Garasu" Rakuto Makino, from the series "Yata-Garasu"

In 2014, after graduating from PSC, Rakuto decided to move to Germany to challenge himself and see what he is capable of. The evidence shows, that is quite an impressive amount! Rakuto now travels between Germany and Spain working as a photographer and assistant, enjoying life and creating his art.  View his latest projects on his website mr-sharaku.com

Rakuto Makino from mr-sharaku.com Rakuto Makino from mr-sharaku.com

Shortly after Rakuto's graduation, the following year in fact, Hiroki Nagahiro commenced his final stage of PSC's Advanced Diploma specialising in commercial photography.  Hiroki had always demonstrated a strong connection to fashion photography during his studies at PSC and could often be found shooting in the studios for local industry clients. This foundation in studio lighting, and learning how to organise a photoshoot, has seen his career flourish as Hiroki now has representation from London-based photography, style and production agency August Management.  Whilst Hiroki currently shares his time between London and Tokyo, he currently finds that he is more frequently in the UK shooting for various fashion clients and publications including Superior magazine, Design Scene magazine, HUF magazine, Leon magazine and more.

"I like working in London for the new people and creatives I get to meet.  However, in terms of fashion, Tokyo is unique and always has something new." - Hiroki

Hiroki Nagahiro Hiroki Nagahiro

Long term, Hiroki is planning to start his own international creative agency based in Japan.  Based on his stunning success so far, we cannot wait to see where his unique vision will take him!

And Hiroki's tips for students looking to enter a career in fashion photography -

"Trial and error will be the fundamentals of your learning. The studio lighting, retouching skills I learnt at PSC form the basis for my current photography. Be polite and have confident in your work.  You will find something important for your career at PSC, just keep looking for it." - Hiroki

See more of Hiroki's work on his website hirokinagahiro.com and via August Management

Hiroki Nagahiro Hiroki Nagahiro

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