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We are delighted to announce PSC Master of Arts Photography student Tom Goldner's upcoming Exhibition Opening and Book Launch 'Do Brumbies Dream in Red?'

It will be held on 5-14 February at Meat Market Stables in North Melbourne. Opening night is on 5 February from 6-9pm.



"Making this work has been a truly collaborative process, I’ve worked with practitioners across moving image, projection, sound design, poetry and of course the book design.
I hope it not only captures your imagination but also allows for important conversations about the way in which we are treating the environment," Tom said.
Photography & Curation - Tom Goldner
Moving Image - Angus Scott
Sound - Sean Kenihan
Poetry - Dr Judith Crispin (publication)
Colourist - CJ Dobson (moving image)
Audio Visual - Toto Creative
Cover Art - Katherina Rodrigues (publication)
Register for free here (to ensure a safe event they are ticketing to practice social distancing measures).
Master of Arts Photography 2021 | Appy Now!



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