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  • Photography Taster Workshop Session 2 – Friday 29 January from 10-2pm

Due to overwhelming demand, we are having a second session of our Photography Taster Workshop THIS Friday 29 January from 10am to 1pm.

You’ll be amazed at how you can go from automatic to manual mode in just 3 hours!

Register Now for Taster Class!



· Experience PSC’s brand-new learning environment
· Master your camera functions and create eye catching images
· Explore the Montague Precinct in South Melbourne at a relaxed pace with like-minded beginners

$99.00 (Price deducted from course fees should you decide to enrol in one of our part time courses in 2021).

Bring your camera and your love of photography - we’ll do the rest!

Register Now for Taster Class!
Call PSC's Course Advisor Andrew Denishensky on 03 96823191 if you have any queries.



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