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PSC Masters Student Exhibition 'Without Consent' Opens in Geelong

Posted by Social Media on 17 May 2021 4:32:20 PM

PSC's Master of Arts Photography Graduate Anjella Roessler's exhibition 'Without Consent' opened at The Paper Mill Gallery on Sunday in Fyansford.

Anjella, a photographer and mixed media artist who has worked in advertising, studio and wedding photography, is exhibiting the Masters project she produced at PSC.

'Without Consent' is a sensitive and personal look at women who have been victims of sexual violence from the past and present. Anjella's work involves creating a lumen print (using sunlight and darkroom paper) from plant specimens she extracts from the sites of importance to their stories.

Dates: 16 May - 6 June
Venue: Papermill Gallery, 100 Lower Paper Mills Road Fyansford, Vic 3218

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