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One of the first Australian photographers to be accepted into the National Geographic, Jason Edwards has been traveling the world, filling up pages of various portfolios with breathtaking stills of wildlife. Deemed as one of the most prolific ‘natural history’ photographers in the world right now, he has won accolades from publications such as BBC Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveller, The New Yorker, not to mention the Australian Geographic Society Pursuit of Excellence Award, as well. Being an ambassador for Tourism Australia and a highly active educator in the fields of environmentalism, indigenous culture and photography, he took some precious time out of his hectic routine to give PSC students career advice, about carving a place for themselves in the dynamic and competitive industry. Students were astonished by their sheer luck of having such a distinguished guest speaker, and received a lot of insight about his workflow process, as well as certain copyright and business strategies to keep in mind. Jason provided information about the World Nomads Photography Competition (that he judges) in which winners are given a travel scholarship to accompany him on his assignments. We hope photographers from PSC get to be a part of this, and we really thank Jason for his time. Last but not the least, we give our gratitude to Elli for organizing such an insightful and memorable talk!

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