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At the PrintShop with Anat Cossen

Posted by Social Media on 09/06/2016 5:25:03 PM

Most of you have had the honour of meeting or learning from Anat Cossen. Anat is an international visual artist and photography teacher at PSC. Born in Israel and having completed her own studies in photography at Hadassah College (Jerusalem), her amazing talents contribute towards the rich cultural diversity in Melbourne as our students are exposed to a global perspective on styles in visual communication and design. For her upcoming exhibition that will be held at the Red Gallery (Fitzroy) in September, Anat chose to get her photography printed by the finest master printer she knows; Peter at the PrintShop @ PSC.

Here's a glimpse of her work with her words about photography:

Anat Cossen 01 Image by Anat Cossen

"Peter at the Print Shop has been always very helpful and willing to assist me with any part of the printing process; from file prep and scanning to proofing and finalising prints. Over the past few years Peter printed my work for presentations as part of my Masters degree and gallery exhibitions."

Image by Anat Cossen Image by Anat Cossen

"At the moment I'm working on a project I shot over summer in collaboration with the fabulous Sarina Lirosi. The project shot on film and is now in a process of scanning and preparing to print. It will be exhibited at Red Gallery in Fitzroy in September."

Image by Anat Cossen Image by Anat Cossen

"The most notable affect photography had on my life is that it increased my perception and recognition of fleeting moments. Life became a cinematic journey, like a theatre production where events unfold and reveal themselves. I became an observer and learnt to appreciate my surroundings."

We are excited to see Anat's collaboration with Sarina come to life on the walls of the Red Gallery. The PSC community is extremely fortunate to have such creative and productive practicing artists on campus. Feel free to contact us about how you can be a part of the PSC experience and click here to get more details about the PrintShop @ PSC.

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