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  • Bachelor of Photography Mid-Year Intake Info Session This Tuesday 2 June from 5-6pm

Discover how a full-time photography degree can take you places, open-up job opportunities and give you a creative career you’re actually passionate about.  

We are also now taking applications for our mid-year intake which enables you to complete our Bachelor of Photography course in just 2.5 years.  

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Image by Oliver Hodgkins PSC Graduate

From Photojournalism/Documentary Photography to Commercial and Art Photography, Photography Studies College (PSC) Dean of Photography Studies Daniel Boetker Smith, will talk about the benefits of this course and our current fast-track program.  

PSC fresh graduate Oliver Hodgkins will also talk about his recent experience completing the Bachelors and his award-winning photobook ‘The Moat’. 

Join us this Tuesday 2 June from 5-6pm for an informal and candid talk so you that you can explore your options. 

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