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  • Part-Time Photography Courses Mid-Year Intake Info Session This Tuesday 2 June 6-7pm

Always wanted to take your photography skills to a professional level? Now’s the time to explore your artistic side, and create stunning images for your work, family or personal projects.

Join PSC teacher and freelance Photojournalist for The Age Scott McNaughton on Tuesday 2 June from 6-7pm via Zoom for our Part-Time Info Session.

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2016-VIC-awards-Lands-JonesNeville-118206 copy

Image by Neville Jones PSC Graduate

If you’re interested in learning how to improve your photography whether it’s landscape, portrait street photography – and more – this is the session for you.  

Find out about our off-campus face-to-face via zoom options and our state-of-the-art campus, which has been  purpose-built for photography professionals.  

Join PSC teacher and freelance Photojournalist for The Age Scott McNaughton on Tuesday 2 June from 6-7pm via Zoom for our Part-Time Info Session.  

Everyone is welcome from novices to industry professionals. 

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