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ComparED is a new government website providing prospective students with relevant and transparent information about Australian higher education institutions from the perspective of current students and recent graduates. Photography Studies College achieved the highest rating in Photography nationally by the Australian Government Department of Education funded organisation. Read about how to easily navigate through this useful resource below, and the categories where PSC topped other tertiary institutions across the nation. 


As the name suggests, ComparED allows prospective students to quickly look up what other students and graduates are saying about their tertiary institutions. The data displayed on the website comes from the survey results collected from student’s voluntary feedback on their overall experiences during their higher education study.  Categories include – overall experience, skills development, teaching quality, staff, facilities and resources, and student services. 

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In addition being ranked highest and above the national average in overall student experience, PSC came up number 1 in most categories. 


The ComparEd website is easy to use:

  1. Simply type ‘PHOTOGRAPHY’ in the study area and click on the ‘COMPARE’ button.
  2. Scroll down to select ‘PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIES COLLEGE’ and up to five other institutions to compare.
  3. Click ‘COMPARE’.
  4. Click ‘COMPARE NOW.

IMG_3374The data displayed on the website comes from the 2019 survey collected via voluntary feedback from current students. The information available on the site is intended to help you make informed decisions about their future study options. 

Make an informed choice about your future in Photography, and compare PSC to the other tertiary institutions via www.compared.edu.au.

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