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Missed Open Day? Every Day is Open Day at PSC!

Posted by Social Media on 09/08/2018 5:42:00 PM


In case you missed our annual Open Day on Sunday 5 August, here are just some of the highlights that made it such an inspirational day for all who attended.
We had a full house exploring our creative campus and our visitors came from near and far - including Horsham!
There was a great energy throughout the day as our super students and staff shared all the reasons they love being part of our unique College here at PSC! 
Our Alumni Q&A session ‘Busting the myth: There are no jobs in photography?' was a great success!! 

Alumni Panel

As aspiring photographers we have all been told many times that there are no jobs in photography! Or, that there is no stability in a career as a creative! But this session, led by Course Director Daniel Boetker-Smith,  introduced our captivated audience to the diverse and exciting range of successful careers our Alumni have pursued since graduating. Each shared their journeys and the importance of the mentorship program, and the business and entrepreneurship subjects they studied throughout the Bachelor of Photography.  
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Birth of the Fake News Photo

Posted by Social Media on 31/07/2018 12:22:32 PM

What's the bigger mess, this image or World Press Photo asks Kenneth Jarecke, see his article in 'Medium'.


'Has photojournalism lost its moral compass, or does it even have one to lose?

Please understand, that I’m writing from my own perspective here and I don’t see myself as a self-appointed spokesperson for the industry. The words here are simply my opinion. Take them or leave them as you will.

It’s an important question to ask, and a complicated one to answer. Does this business have a moral compass, and if so, where has it gone?'

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Taylor-Ferne Morris- a photography career growing in leaps & bounds!

Posted by Social Media on 27/07/2018 2:33:50 PM

Who said "there’s no careers in photography?"

PSC graduate, Taylor-Ferne Morris has paved her way into an exciting, niche career as a dance photographer. Combining her two passions for photography and dance has propelled her into becoming a sought after photographer both locally and internationally. We recently caught up with Taylor who has been super busy photographing for the Australian Ballet, in The Studio @ PSC. Between shoots we asked her to share with us her days at PSC and her career highlights!

What got you started in photography?

I began my journey in photography when I was following another life path of classical ballet at The Australian Ballet School (ABS). When I was in my final year I unfortunately injured my hip and could no longer dance. Along with this I received a camera for my 18th birthday and fell in love with taking photos in my spare time, this meant when I was in class unable to dance, I would bring my camera in and take photos of my friends as they danced. This was the moment I fell in love with photography.

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PSC Student Awards Showcase Now Showing at Our Southgate Gallery.

Posted by Social Media on 24/07/2018 5:48:52 PM

PSC celebrates another outstanding year of student success at The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Victorian Awards 2018.

Each year our final year students from the Bachelor Degree and the part time Advanced Diploma take part in the professional photography, industry awards.The work is submitted as matted prints and are judged anonymously. There are 5 experienced judges that hold a Masters Of Photography status from the AIPP or higher. Each image is submitted into a specific category such as Portrait, Landscape, Illustrative, Commercial, Documentary, Family to name a few. Each category has a specific set of rules and regulations.

Being a print award, the printing is as important as the image itself, fortunately we have Peter Hadzipavlis our resident print master at the Print Shop@PSC who printed the majority of the awards. Having his expertise is not only an education for the students but a valued and important collaboration between the artist and the printer, which will prove invaluable to all the students moving forward.

An example of some of the judging criteria is 'image impact', 'creativity & style', 'composition', 'technical excellence', 'lighting', 'photographic excellence', 'story telling' and more  The 5 judges give a score out of 100 and each of the scores are then averaged to a final score. The awarded score range starts from 80, an 80-84 is a silver award, 85-89 a silver with distinction, 90-94 a gold award (these are far and few between) and a 96-100 is a grand Gold with Distinction, a rarity!

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IMSS Presents Documentary Photographer Isabella Moore.

Posted by Social Media on 06/07/2018 11:30:00 AM

Monday 30 July 2018 6-7.30pm

Photography Studies College (Melbourne) is proud to present documentary photographer Isabella Moore for our 46th Image Makers Seminar!

Isabella Moore is an Australian/Peruvian documentary photographer based in Sydney, she independently researches and captures her own stories using both analogue and digital photo mediums. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian UK, The Observer Magazine, Svenska Dagbladet, The Internationalist, YEN Magazine, Frankie, OYSTER, Dazed Digital and VICE. Isabella is interested in exploring her observations of contemporary Australian society, the way in which it is formed and how it continues to evolve. Commonly addressed themes are gender, identity and culture. Isabella was recentlyawarded a 'Highly Commended' for her finalist photograph 'Significance of Ceremony' in the Moran Prize, 2018.

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Best Equipment To Travel With

Posted by Michael Coyne on 03/07/2018 6:10:00 PM

I was recently on the road for two months, flitting from country to country. Sounds good doesn’t it! But I was working; this was no holiday.

Travelling on a trip like this takes a lot of preparation, organization and research. Not only do you have to think about where you are going to stay but also how to travel to places that are some distance from the cities. Often there are language and cultural challenges that also have to be taken into consideration. Sometimes, of course, cross-cultural moments can be interesting, even a little curious. In our Turkish village the afternoon call to prayer from the local mosque seemed to coincide with the playing of a Verdi opera by our hotel proprietor. Oh well, it is said that Turkey is the crossroads between Europe and Asia after all.

Of course, from a photographer’s perspective there is the issue of how much and what equipment you should you travel with. As a young man I assisted a National Geographic photographer who travelled with a suitcase full of film. This caused no end of issues when going through customs and x-ray machines. I have also had problems in the past with custom officers who when confronted with my boxes and bags of equipment, demanded a briefcase full of money as a “deposit”, but with no receipt.

No longer am I travelling with suitcases full of film. That approach, along with its issues, has been replaced with all the paraphernalia that feeds the digital capturing world.  I take a laptop so I can download the images and video footage every night. The images are then transferred across to two spare hard drives. Nothing is deleted from the memory cards until the images/videos are in at least two places.

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Posted by Jim Davidson on 27/06/2018 1:14:30 PM

Open Day - Sunday 5 August 2018, 10am - 4pm

Come along and explore our creative campus

  • Find out about our range of courses
  • Tour our specialised facilities
  • Take a look at our student exhibition
  • Experience the action of studio shoot
  • Talk to current students, graduates and teaching staff
  • Find out how to apply and discuss the interview

PSC is located in the heart of the Melbourne's Arts precinct, Southbank. We are within walking distance of the city centre and close to public transport.

Our program will be announced soon!


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TSUKA' - curated by PSC’s Dr.Kristian Haggblom at the Centre for Contemporary Photography

Posted by Social Media on 20/06/2018 4:50:32 PM
Tsuka: An Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Photography 
Curator: Dr. Kristian Häggblom
Gallery: Centre for Contemporary Photography
Dates: June 8th - July 15th
Out the back of Ueno Park and beside the pond, one can find a stone monolith, a ‘tsuka’ for sewing needles. The monument was donated and erected by local seamstresses’ to commemorate sewing needles they have worn out and hence discarded. ‘Tsuka’ is an ancient and complex Japanese term that has several meanings. Its simplest and most commonly used makes reference to a mound or hill, a pile of dirt. This mound of heaped earth is not a natural formation, but rather created through human intervention. These physical pilings are usually associated with burial and entombment, for the purposes of worship and/or mourning. Another more complex layer to this term refers to the mound as an ‘atonement tombstone’ for animals or objects that humans have thrown away or treated harshly often for their own purposes. These ‘tsuka’ sites scatter the landscape of Japan and act as physical totems and metaphoric signifiers for empathy, alleviation and possible subsequent atonement. ‘Tsuka’ therefore act as a milestone between ‘this world’ and ‘the after world’ a physical space to project invisible human aspirations, hopes and guilt. 
Tsuka is an exhibition of contemporary Japanese photography and a selection of associated photobooks. The project uses these ‘tsuka’ monuments as the starting point for visual suka  is an exhibition of contemporary Japanese photography and a selection of associated photobooks  investigations by a selection of artists that work with still and moving photography and the photobook. The artists in this project make both literal and lateral responses to the notion of ‘tsuka’, ultimately addressing the question: is the act of taking, making and exhibiting photographs, a form of ‘tsuka’ in its own right?
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Congratulations to Part Time Student Luke David!

Posted by Mandarine Montgomery on 18/06/2018 4:45:33 PM

Part Time PSC student, Luke David has made it into the latest issue of Capture Magazine’s Top 20 Emerging, Australian Photographers, 2018 in the Travel Category! Luke is currently in his first year at PSC and is studying the 40 week Pro Photography Certificate. 

We sat down with Luke to ask him what has helped contribute to his success.

Congratulations Luke! You are fairly new to photography so what inspired you to take it up?

"Thanks. What inspired me to take up photography was actually travelling. I try to go overseas every year and was taking hundreds of the usual tourist point and shoot, snap shots. I work in retail and there was a really great camera on sale a few years ago that I bought with the idea to take some “proper shots”. I went to the USA the next year and shot everything on auto. Some images worked, some didn’t, but I was getting really inspired just the same. Then before a trip to Japan, I decided “RIGHT! I am going to learn how to use this camera" So I downloaded all the info, read all the blogs and watched all the videos and when I started taking shots in Japan, I started to really love it. I put some images into a few competitions and they did well. I got really excited about creating images and wanted to learn more and more."

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MA Student Thorsteinn Cameron Exhibits in Iceland

Posted by Social Media on 07/06/2018 3:00:30 PM

Current Master Of Arts-Photography student, Thorsteinn Cameron has returned to Iceland for a short visit to exhibit at the RamSkram Gallery of Contemporary Photography in Reykjavík. The exhibition and book launch titled 'Lines for these lands' opened this week and continues until the 8 July 2018.

Peter Hatzipavlis from The PrintShop@PSC had been working alongside Thorsteinn during the last month preparing the prints for the exhibition.

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