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PSC's Bachelor of Photography Student Shortlisted for Photo Collective's Stories Awards 2021

Posted by Social Media on 21 June 2021 2:59:16 PM

PSC's Bachelor of Photography second year student Pearce Leal has been shortlisted for the Photo Collective's Stories Awards. The work is from his class assignment 'Common in Folklore' about the decline of the Australian flying fox due to climate collapse.

"This project investigates the ecology of the flying fox. The work is presented in a traditional documentary framework and slips into a contemplative space in an attempt to draw correlations between the daily routine of the flying foxes and humans," Pearce said in his artist statement.

Pearce joined PSC to explore new fields of photography, and expand his knowledge of the medium, after working as a photography tour guide and teacher for image-making enthusiasts. 


© Pearce Leal, from his series 'Common in Folklore'

How do you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist for Photo Collective's Stories Awards?

It's great to be included alongside a bunch of amazing photographers!

What inspired you to document the Australian flying fox?

Ever since I moved to Melbourne, I've been interested in the bats flying overhead in the early hours of the night. It was only at the start of this year when the [PSC] folio assignment came up that I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to dive deep into researching the flying fox – and the role they play in sustaining Australia's ecosystems.  

© Pearce Leal, from his series 'Common in Folklore'

What was one of the challenges you faced when creating this series?

I think the biggest hurdle for me has been photographing something other than the bats themselves. They are a pretty enticing animal to photograph again and again as they leave by the thousands to forage for pollen and fruit. 

How has this project helped you grow your photography practice?

The project is still very much in its early days, and the research into the ecology of the flying fox is constantly pushing me in a number of different directions. It's been great to share these shifts in the project in a learning environment. 

© Pearce Leal, from his series 'Common in Folklore'

Tell us about why you enrolled in PSC's Bachelor of Photography program?

Previous to studying the bachelor of photography at PSC, I worked as a photography tour guide accompanying and teaching photography enthusiasts while visiting locations of their desire.

I decided to study at PSC to extend my knowledge in fields of photography that I haven't explored before.

The Photo Collective's Stories Awards seek to discover, promote and amplify the important work being made by Australian photographers. The three award recipients will be announced on 2 July 2021.

Follow Pearce on Instagram @learcepeal


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