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‘This month The Brownbill Effect interviewed our Managing Director Julie Moss. Her commitment to photography education and the photography industry in Australia is truly inspirational. We are proud to re-post the interview here.’

“I take great pride in knowing that, with the highly engaged and professional governance team and staff I have working with me at PSC, we have achieved the status of being the only specialised photography institution in Australia. I am also proud of the diverse range of programs we have created that cater for aspiring photographers across the spectrum, from the raw beginner through to the experienced professional looking to push their visual and creative boundaries as far as they can go.

Julie Moss

I remember the day I read photography critic Sean O’Hagan’s 2012 article in the Guardian – 'Photography: an ever-evolving art form'. He said, and I quote: 

“Whatever upheavals it has witnessed, photography has endured. It continues to do so, even as we drown in a sea of uploaded images whose sheer quantity mediates against their meaning. Photography, in more ways than one, thrives on a crisis. The instant endures.”

It was one of those ‘aha’ moments. Photography is always on the edge of a crisis and it just keeps on keeping on. I just love that!”

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