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 Cath Grey, who has a background in IT (user-experience), just finished her Advanced Diploma after 4 years of studying part time. Her internship with the prestigious Bauer Media Group (Australia’s leading multi-platform magazine publisher) began on Monday, sparking off more possibilities in the field of professional photography.

'Russell' by Cath Grey for her final folio at PSC 'Russell' by Cath Grey for her final folio at PSC

Cath secured this internship through her photojournalism class, after showcasing her portfolio of photography (largely developed while she was at PSC) to the head videographer at Bauer Media who then selected her. Last year, she had worked with another prominent publication; Royal Auto (RACV) where she covered the regions of Ivanhoe and Heidelberg for their online digital magazine.


Having done photoshoots for real estate and architecture thanks to networking with people in the industry, she was also able to land a gig with Tennis Australia as an image editor - results of which have been published on the website of the Australian Open. Cath is looking forward to gaining a richer experience in professional videography and photography with Bauer Media, as she is keen to work across different genres. Her education at PSC has given her a good foundation in understanding how client briefs work, portrait photography as well as studio photography - allowing her to apply different spheres of knowledge to the assignments she’ll be getting.

Cath Grey's Product Shoot for 'Coco Rum' Cath Grey's Product Shoot for 'Coco Rum'

A self motivator, Cath advises part time students to get out there in the world, to keep shooting and challenging themselves with new concepts. She had joined PSC to finesse her skills in photography, after travelling to different places and using her camera to capture her experiences. She now feels much more confident with her work and is happy to have an unexpected development in her professional life; that of freelance photography assignments which she works on part time.

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