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Jason Perry is our Student Feature today. He is an international student from the United States, currently studying in his final year of the Bachelor of Photography.

What do you usually explore in your photographic practice?
My true love is astro and time lapse photography.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with PSC, or how it helped you to get where you are now?
PSC has been a positive experience and has lifted my photographic knowledge to a higher level. With the plans of running a non-profit before even coming here, the course curriculum has guided me, and given me the tools to move forward with my plans with confidence.

What inspires you to create? And how has it affected on your work?
My inspiration comes from the healing powers of nature. When I am out under the stars with a beautiful scene in front of me, I cannot help but get inspired. It is the sublime yet beautiful power of the cosmos that inspires me most. Looking out into these incredibly vast scenes and photographing them, I feel a sense of controlled fear that fuels my soul and heals me from within. Though the images cannot compare to the complexity or immensity of the actual scene, with this series I aim to share a bit of that wonderment and sublime feeling with the viewers. These images convey a sense of mystery and awe that seek to engage the viewer in a moral and sentimental reflection with the cosmos and our place on this planet.











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