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Where Are They Now?

Posted by Carmen Edwards on 22/11/2016 3:33:18 PM

Entering into a creative career can be exciting, challenging, full of passion and rewards ... but it also takes determination and adaptability. We recently had the pleasure to meet up with three PSC alumni - Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch and Emma McEvoy - at our Image Makers Seminar and hear where their careers post graduating have taken them.

img_1498 Left to Right: Emma McEvoy, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Sarah Lynch

Taylor, Sarah and Emma provided us with plenty of inspiration and insight into their diverse experiences since graduating from PSC. All three first undertook the Advanced Diploma of Photography before going on to complete the Bachelor of Photography pathway program. They each chose a different area of specialisation - Taylor pursued her passion for dance through commercial photography, Sarah followed her connection to photojournalism and Emma continued to follow her path in art photography.

Taylor Ferne Morris

From the outset, Taylor explained that she has had a strong affinity with dance photography, having transitioned to photography after an injury halted her own dance career. After graduating from the Advanced Diploma, Taylor decided to head to New York where she began the exciting relationship and collaboration with Dance Media, one of the world’s leading dance publishers. Since then Taylor has worked with many of the world's most sought-after dancers, including Paloma Herrera, Alina Cojocaru and Tamara Rojo, with her work being published in both ‘Pointe’ and ‘Dance Magazine’ for global distribution. Taylor continues to regularly travel between Melbourne and New York for Dance Media.

The quality of Taylor’s stunning work is reflected in her growing reputation, seeing many Australian dancers, groups and publications seeking her services including Dance Australia and Dance Informa. Late in 2015 Taylor’s work was published on the cover of the Dance Australia’s December 15 – January 16 issue.

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

In 2015 Taylor’s work was selected to be featured in the Your Move exhibition, at the Art House Gallery in New York where she was also awarded the top prize in studio photography.

"Don't be afraid to create your own work and put it out there. An online presence and word of mouth is how I get most of my clients. " - Taylor

Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris Image: Taylor-Ferne Morris

Sarah Lynch

For Sarah Lynch photography is part of who she is - something she feels compelled to do.
"I'm constantly inspired by the power of story telling through photography and how that can change lives. I love to create images of the land and the people who inhabit it. I believe in giving people the opportunity to educate and inspire themselves through photography."
Having graduated from PSC's Advanced Diploma photojournalism specialisation, Sarah immediately embarked on a career in documenting animal exploitation.
"My final folio at PSC was the catalyst for where I am now. I was able to step out of student life at PSC into a career in documentary photography." - Sarah

Image: Sarah Lynch Image: Sarah Lynch

This saw Sarah achieve marked results in exposing cases of animal cruelty, raising awareness in a broader audience and providing the stimulus needed to see changes being implemented around animal welfare and live exports.
"People said don't work with animals or children, but I like the madness." - Sarah

In 2014 Sarah founded Focus on Humanity a not for profit photography organisation that brings the gift of photography to communities around the world who do no not have access to photography. providing them with portraits and photographic prints. In December 2014 the organisation undertook it’s first campaign to India where it distributed over 200 prints to individuals and families who had never had a photograph or print of themselves.

Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity Image: Sarah Lynch, Focus on Humanity

Sarah is this week joining a medical ship bound for Papua New Guinea, providing aid to areas without access to medical resources.

"Photojournalism needs a sense of photographic maturity and sensitivity and the patience to get the right shot for the situation. Determination and curiosity will make up for anything you feel you may be lacking." - Sarah

Emma McEvoy

Moving from styling to art photography, Emma McEvoy provided us with the stimulus needed to get out there and try. With a passion for fine art and much success received from her recent exhibition, Sand Castles, Emma encourages budding photographers to simply approach people and ask.

"Every day I contact people I'd like to work with. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, but you'd be surprised how many you get that say yes!" - Emma
This was the approach that gained Emma with access to the derelict building she needed to fill with sand for her interpretation of the Namibian Deserts as part of her exhibition.

Image: Emma McEvoy Image: Emma McEvoy

"I came out of studying at PSC in such an awesome headspace. It was the best thing I could have done." - Emma


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