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Feature Friday 8th September 2017; Luke Rush

Posted by Social Media on 08/09/2017 1:15:11 PM

Now in his final year of the Advanced Diploma of Photography, we caught up with one of our talented commercial students Luke Rush who recently won his second silver award from the AIPP.



Luke Rush, Untitled Nude

What got you started in photography?
I've always been interested in art and decided to leave high school after year 11 and instead studied a cert 4 in visual arts. I'd always taken photos but after a semester of studying the history of photography I thought it sounded like a great career. If I'm honest, I'm not that great of a drawer.

When you started at PSC, did you have an idea of the kind of photographer you want to become?
I'd say it would have been in the second semester of first year when I started shooting fashion just with some friends. I put together a team with a makeup artist, stylist, and my friend modelled for me. After that I loved meeting new people and working with other creatives, so I decided I wanted to be a portrait/ fashion photographer.

What is the most beneficial thing you have learned up to this point?
The most beneficial thing I've learned about photography and life is not to force things. Whether that's in organising shoots, planning folios or just general day-to-day, everything will eventually come together if you work at it and let it happen.

What has been your most challenging moment at PSC so far?
Most challenging moment at PSC so far is always folio season.

What has been your most rewarding moment at PSC so far?
The most rewarding moment I've had at PSC was having my work up on the wall for the first time. I was so excited to finally make the wall, which was a goal from as soon as I started here. And it still is!

Luke Rush, 2017

How has your style developed?
I don't yet know if I have a particular style. Aesthetically I try to differentiate the style in each shoot. I like having even skin tones and rich blacks in all my work. I tend to work best by improvising rather than planning. I find that if I plan shoot to the t I tend to overthink everything on the day and it never goes to plan. Photography is after all about problem solving.

So far, what body of work have you been most proud of?
The work I'm most proud of would have to be my untitled nude series. The series was shot digitally but I processed the images to look like film and then I inverted them to black and white. The idea behind the series was to photograph parts of a women's body in abstract ways so that some are deceiving at first glance but still recognisable.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working on shooting for my book for my final folio. The focus of the book is really just to showcase the quality of work I have learnt to produce in my time at PSC. The theme of the book is to revolve around skin and flesh.

What do you do when you’re not taking photos?
When I'm not taking photos I'm editing them. But aside from photography I am a swim instructor and lifeguard.

Where do you find your motivation?
I find a lot of my motivation in the people around me. I also find a lot of motivation out of my own passion for photography and the goals that I have for myself.

Who/what inspires you?
I find a lot of inspiration in music videos and movies I watch. In combination with work I see through social media and the internet. At the moment I'm finding a lot of inspiration in Peter Coulson and Jo Duck's work. They are vastly different in style and aesthetic, but both get great responses out of the people they work with and I simply just love their work.

What is your dream job/shoot?
My dream job is to work for a major magazine or fashion label, 'till then I hope to work freelance. I'm also in the process of starting up my own portrait business.


Luke Rush, Red, 2017


To see more of Luke's work, check out his website or follow him on Instagram.

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