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Images by Katrin Koenning, from her famous Instagram account Images by Katrin Koenning, from her famous Instagram account

Congratulations to PSC teacher Katrin Koenning for being featured in Time for her unique and inspiring work on Instagram!

"I think Instagram is a great space to reach a large audience; it's a space that is non-elitist and inclusive. For me, it is also a space that allows me to experiment with ideas." - Katrin  Koenning
To celebrate Instagram's fifth birthday,  Time (the world’s largest weekly news publication) asked five influential photographers to share the Instagram accounts they can’t live without. Top photographer  Alec Soth named Katrin’s Instagram feed as one of his top five, applauding her for her ‘consistent aesthetic bliss’. Her account is full of rich, stylised and luminescent imagery that has won the attention and appreciation of countless Instagram users.

You may read more about the article in which Katrin was featured, by clicking the image below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 6.29.13 pm

Katrin teaches the photojournalism major for final year students in our Bachelor of Photography program. She is also a curatorial adviser for Wallflower Photomedia Gallery and her work has been published in Photographers’ Sketchbooks (Thames & Hudson 2014), The Guardian, Marie Claire Magazine, GUP Magazine, FLAK Photo, Humble Arts, Burn Magazine, Firecracker and Der Spiegel. She is a regular contributor to the New York Times and has won a number of awards including the Troika Editions Format Exposure Prize, the Bowness Photography Prize People’s Choice Award, Australia’s Top Emerging Documentary Photographer, a National Geographic Award and the JGS Award by the Forward Thinking Museum. Katrin regularly exhibits both nationally and internationally, including at festivals such as the Athens Photo Festival, PhotoIreland, New York Photo Festival (US), Noorderlicht (NL), FORMAT (GB), Voies Off (FR), Gijon Photojournalism Festival (E), Athens Photo Festival (GR) and PhotoIreland (IRL).

It’s wonderful to have such influential and talented people as part of the community at PSC.  We look forward to more posts from Katrin!
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