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Ilana Rose Feature Post

Ilana Rose, professional photographer and photojournalist, is starting a new chapter at PSC as a lecturer. She has worked as a foreign correspondent for The Sunday Herald in the UK, and had recently worked with World Vision as a photographer and field resource advisor. She has spent the last 4 years meeting people in war zones and extreme drought conditions, capturing 'the unseen'  - a subject that she has revolved her life's work around. Ilana has always felt passionate about giving people a voice through her photography, further developing her style and niche of focusing on subcultures when she worked for newspapers earlier on in her career.

Image by Ilana Rose Image by Ilana Rose

Getting into photography in her teens, Ilana was intrigued by the idea of capturing a moment in time and holding it forever. She went on to study graphic design at university, as her parents weren't too keen on her treading the path of photography (since they were professionals). However, after a year she knew that she had to return to her love of taking photographs. She began her studies in photography and was soon hired by a local suburban newspaper to cover a wide range of stories.

"Everyday was completely different when I started my first job as a photographer. Suburbans are a great training ground for photographers because you have to do absolutely everything."

Ilana's career grew, allowing her to branch out to daily national newspapers and starting a studio of her own. She worked on photographs for The Age, working on series that looked at youth culture - subject matter that major publications hardly covered. With her studio photography, she developed an arts based practice, working for art and theatre companies. Ilana has an eclectic portfolio over the years; she has learnt so many things from her various experiences and now looks forward to sharing them with her students at PSC.

Image by Ilana Rose Image by Ilana Rose

"The idea of nurturing and encouraging emerging photographers at PSC is so exciting. I see my time here as a collaboration, where I'll be imparting my knowledge to students and learning from them as well."

Ilana Rose will be showcasing her work with other photographers at the Magnet Galleries with the 'No Lilies - Women and Work' exhibition on Thursday, March 3 (6:30pm). The exhibition will be on till April 2nd.

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