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Justice Cameron
is currently in her 3rd year of being at PSC and is seeing wonderful success as a freelance photojournalist. She is regularly approached by news networks on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10, for her stories.

Before becoming the prolific photographer that she is today, Justice remembers the moment when she realised her love for photography. It was when she received her first camera: ‘There was a big sense of relief, like I finally found something I can be creative in while maintaining my interest in technology’.

Photography by Justice Cameron Photography by Justice Cameron

Justice joined PSC because of her love for the medium. Although she believed that she possessed enough knowledge of the craft before becoming a student, she was quick to discover that there was a whole new way of thinking in the industry.

‘As soon as I came to PSC I learnt so much. My whole understanding of photography changed within my first year of studies… It helped me to gain an understanding of photojournalism, which I really love. I enjoy being able to capture the ‘decisive moment’ while working with natural light; these are some of the skills I’ve developed and perfected while being at PSC.’

Justice's photography made front page of the Geelong Advertiser Justice's photography made front page of the Geelong Advertiser

During her 2nd year of studies, Justice forged connections with photographers at her local newspaper company (the Geelong Advertiser). She applied to News Corp Australia and was accepted into a casual position within the company, doing her training at The Herald Sun. The opportunity allowed her to work with editorial and sports news stories, which opened up her practice in photojournalism and expanded her network in the field even more. As a result of her experience, Justice developed her own unique style in videography as well, which has made her stand out to producers at networks. She now enjoys working for herself and seeing an increase in the number of stories that she either pitches to channels or is requested to cover.

Here are some examples of Justice's work, which has featured on the social and television networks of famous channels:



PSC is extremely proud of Justice and wishes her all the best in the future, as she aspires to join news networks as a full time photojournalist after graduating. To stay up to date with Justice's work, follow her Instagram channel @justicecameron_newsimagery & @justicecameronphotography. Find out more about our full time and part time degree or diploma courses here

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