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Elli Ioannou is a photo media director, educator, artist and mentor who has been based in Paris since 2016. She has been working in the industry for 22 years including 15 years as a commercial fashion photographer with stints in New York City and Milan. Additionally, she lectured at PSC for 8 years!

Elli is running a half-day workshop designed for photographers and creative professionals who are looking for professional development, and who wish to elevate their careers and businesses.

We chat to Elli about the current trends in fashion film, how to succeed in the industry and choosing to run her workshop at the Studios at PSC.


© Elli Ioannou

Is fashion film on the rise?

Before the global pandemic, fashion film was mainly used by luxury brands because they had the budget. It was a more specialised area. However, since COVID-19 and the shifts in physical shows (without media or buyers etc. attending ) the Fashion Federation of France has encouraged brands, both established and emerging, to produce fashion film.

This is a big reset for our industry, with a shift towards producing work that requires true skills and talent, as opposed to social media influencers. There is a big difference in the work of a blogger with a camera at a runway show, and a high level fashion film.


© Elli Ioannou

What type of photography and moving image will stand out?

A great art director once told me, 'always show your personal work because that is your unique perspective . If you are a professional, it should be a given you can shoot with a clean white background!'

I think that this is very poignant advice in a time when the explosion of online imagery has diluted the craft of our profession. It is better to use your own unique vision to stand out - this is how we can connect with like minded people who have complimentary skills. With your own style, you can develop and sustain a creative career, no matter what the economic climate may be!



Elli Ioannou at PSC's South Melbourne Campus

Why have you chosen the Studios at PSC to host your workshop? 

The studios at PSC are of a high industry standard, but they are also very well set up for training! With the capacity to house a demonstration set up, as well as individual shooting bays for each participant- we are spoiled for space! Additionally,  the high ceilings are amazing!

From a personal perspective, I wanted to continue to foster the strong connection I have with the college. Even after I left Australia to work overseas, I still felt as though I was part of the PSC community, and maintained regular contact with PSC's directors and my ex-colleagues. Therefore, I hosting the workshop within the learning environment of PSC made perfect sense to me!

Elli's half-day workshop will be held at PSC Studios on Wednesday 28 April from 9am to 1pm. The workshop is limited to 10 participants only.  She is also offering PSC students a 10% Discount.

 Click here to register your place now!