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Here is our final piece of student work from our blog series, where we share published work by PSC's second year Bachelor of Photography students.

Over lockdown in Melbourne, the class were introduced to new technology by teacher Stephanie Rose Wood, allowing them to photograph subjects anywhere in the world from home. They were given a brief to interview and photograph subjects, which students had to respond to as working journalists in the real world.

Today we feature PSC student Manohar Singh Sidhu's assignment titled 'My Friends, My Family' where he photographs and interviews his sister who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and her partner and friends in New York City.

Early this year my sister was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, it was shocking to her as well as us her family. Fortunately, it was an early detection which could be remedied by surgery to remove the lump. It was the follow up treatment having to go through chemotherapy that was really worrying as Covid-19 cases were really high in New York City during this period, and the fact that her immunity was compromised because of the treatment. Doctors elected to give her double doses of chemotherapy to minimise her trips to the hospital which was risky in her case.

With family unable to travel and take care of her at this time it was her friends that she looked to for support, they bought her groceries and supplies leaving them at her doorstep so she would not have to risk coming into contact with people who had Covid. I used the CLOS app to remotely shoot portraits of my sister and her friends. Here below are her friends and some words from my sister on how they helped her through a difficult time.

Rubyna Sidhu Brenden, 41, my sister on the rooftop of her apartment in Brooklyn. 3rd October 2020.


Gabriela Rodas, 40, NYC. 3rd October 2020.

Gabby is the partner anyone would hope for, my pillar of strength, support and so much levity that carried me through treatment during Covid-19.

Shiv Shankar, 29, NYC. 10th October 2020.

Shiv is the pal I watched Netflix with virtually, and had long phone conversations with. I would describe him as a comforting soul, gentle and unpretentious.

Shinyou Hwang, 30, NYC. 10th October 2020.

Shinyou is the friend with an abundance of perspective, hope and rationale. Always keeping my focus on the positive and ensuring that my morale was high.

Carlos Aspetti, 34, NYC. 10th October 2020.

Carlos is the kind and sweet grind that would send me care packages, which were a real comfort and I looked forward to. He constantly sent text messages supporting me during the process.

Images and content © Manohar Singh Sidhu.

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