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As part of the 40 years Sister City Relationship between Melbourne City Council and Osaka City Council an Australian delegation visited Osaka last week. One of the highlights organized by Osaka City Council was the Osaka Food and Tourism seminar which explored opportunities for Osaka based on Melbourne’s great success in this area.

Photography Studies College's Osaka-based Japan- Australia Educational Liaison Officer, Steph Doran was one of four guest presenters at the seminar. Her presentation, delivered in Japanese, featured photographs of Osaka and Melbourne, including her own and a number shot by PSC students. She highlighted the food and coffee culture of both cities, their similarities and differences. Her lively presentation was enthusiastically received by a predominantly Japanese audience drawing on her knowledge of the great food culture of both cities.

Other presenters included Professor Shinya Hashizume from Osaka Prefecture University, Councillor Philip Le Liu from Melbourne City Council and Mr David Lawson, Australia’s Consul General in Japan.

PSC was represented at the Osaka City Council’s official reception by Steph Doran and Jim Davidson, Chair of PSC’s Higher Education Council together with Mr Hamaguchi, Principal, and Mr Matsumoto from Shasen, Japan Institute of Film and Photography. Students of both colleges are currently preparing their images for September’s Faces of Osaka and Melbourne photography exhibition to be held simultaneously in both cities in September as part of the 40th anniversary events.

The Australian exhibition will be at Docklands Library Gallery from 12 September 2018.


PSC’s Discover Japan Tour Group will be in Osaka for the opening of the Osaka exhibition on 10 September 2018. Steph is one of the photography leaders for this tour (along with Senior Fellow Michael Coyne) and her intimate knowledge of Japan and Japanese food and culture will ensure a rich experience for all participants.

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