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Visit our Advanced Diploma of Photography and second year Bachelor of Photography exhibition, "TwoFour 2022" at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery.
IMG_3292 2Image: Featured second year Bachelor of Photography PSC students and tutor Stephanie Rose Wood (right).

Congratulations to our final year Advanced Diploma of Photography and second year Bachelor of Photography students for the fantastic opening of their exhibition, "TwoFour 2022", held at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery.

The "TwoFour 2022" show is a diverse photographic exhibition featuring the work of these students that includes prints, photobooks, installation, and video works.

For our Advanced Diploma of Photography students, this is also their final assessment and such a rewarding way to finish their studies in this course at PSC. For many of our second year Bachelor of Photography students, this is their first of many opportunities to exhibit their work as emerging photographers starting their careers.

Sarina Lirosi, Stage 4 Advanced Diploma of Photography tutor and Stephanie Rose Wood, Bachelor of Photography, second Year course convenor expressed their reflection on the exhibition:

“It was wonderful to see all the student books, prints and installations finally exhibited at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery.   

The second year Bachelor exhibition in Gallery 2 reflects the diversity of photographic approaches. The students are encouraged to explore areas of photography they feel connected to. The exhibition showcases prints and books made around a vast range of topics such as neurodivergence, car culture, Italian cookery, all the way to a love letter to a rock pool. The Stage 4 Advanced Diploma work in Gallery 1 and 3, features a range of projects and visual approaches ranging from video, photo book to collage and installation, also often exploring very personal ideas. For these students, this exhibition is also a celebration of the completion of the Advanced Diploma.

Congratulations to all the students in this exhibition for their amazing achievements in 2022.”

Feeling inspired? Your creative journey could start here.

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