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Born in Sudan and raised in Kenya before arriving in Australia, 1st year photography student Martha Abas sheds light on turning to photography and discovering her dream, while studying at PSC.

“Being able to take charge of how I want my pictures to look, feels really empowering. I firmly believe that, ‘a picture can say a thousand words’. I have always been passionate about photographing people rather than objects, as the atmosphere is more dynamic. I love interacting with my subjects and enlightening them about the ideas I wish to express to my potential viewers. “

Studying To Get Ahead

I think education always comes first and my family is very encouraging about this. They also firmly believe that women should be able to support themselves, plus have the skills and abilities that allow them to achieve great things in life.

Before PSC

I initially wanted to study psychology, however photography was where my heart was. Some found it difficult to understand my decision of becoming a professional photographer, as many people believe that there’s only a small chance that one can earn a living from photography. Despite what people think, my goal is to become a professional fashion photographer. I intend to improve my knowledge and craft of photography, and master my skills, as I develop my own style at PSC.

10999804_877362842311996_2849924345735215700_n From Martha Abas' Final Folio in 1st Year Bachelor of Photography


Highlights from PSC and Paving A Path to Success

Studying photography at PSC has made me realize the importance of staying positive. I get inspiration from everyone around me. I have learnt that maintaining a good attitude and working hard is a big part of being productive. Additionally, I have also learnt how to apply my knowledge and newfound skills in creating my portfolio; within time constraints. I believe that being active, rather passive and using my time in the most effective way, will make me successful. As a professional photographer in the making, I want my photographs to be my voice. I want to make revolutionary changes, which can take photography onto a whole new level. I like the fact that photography changes the way we see things. You actually experience quite an incredible transformation at PSC. You suddenly notice elements like light, shape, colour texture and details in people - everything around you starts to look different when you see the world as a photographer.

Heritage and Family

I’ve always known that embracing my heritage and culture was important, I grew up surrounded by it. It’s just part of my routine and who I am. It is also binding, without it my family wouldn’t be together. No one has had a greater impact on me, than my mother. She has always demonstrated amazing strength through the hardest times. She makes sure that I demand respect in my work, and I feel secure in knowing that she will always be there for me as long as she lives.

Planning a Journey in Professional Photography

I would like to graduate from Photography Studies College and get the job of my dreams; working in a modeling agency with makeup artists, hair stylers, designers, photographers and models from different places around the world. I’d also like to get married and become a mother.

Why I Love Living in Melbourne

At any given point in time you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a festival on in Melbourne, there are music, art and food festivals… a huge range of events. You never know what to expect to see from one day to the next, it’s such a wonderfully diverse city and there are so many restaurants and galleries. I definitely see myself living in this city forever, since Melbourne is full of many positive surprises.

Keep up with Martha's journey in photography, as she strives to make her mark in the industry. Follow her Facebook Page 'Naema Abas' at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Naema-Abas/843451305703150?fref=ts for more information.

To learn about our Bachelor of Photography course visit our website: https://www.psc.edu.au/full_time.html

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