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Working on Personal Expression with Clytie Meredith

Posted by Social Media on 27/06/2016 11:01:44 AM

Clytie Meredith has finished her first semester at PSC as a part time student. She enjoyed a wonderful folio assessment last week, where a range of her work was showcased to her class and tutors. Her series from the past six months were critiqued and admired by the group; as she displayed a wonderful ability to define her style with a well-developed technical skill set. We took a moment to interview her, in order to find out about how she handled her 'Personal Expression' folio, and why she decided to join PSC.

Image by Clytie Meredith Image by Clytie Meredith

'Craig gave our class an assignment which was to find an object and photograph it in ten different ways. This was part of our weekly exercise and it really taught me about the power of seeing and capturing things in unique ways. I had so much fun doing this. What was helpful was that we were given guidelines as well as the freedom to experiment and explore the different skills we learnt in class - such as slow shutter speeds and long exposures. It was challenging at times, but worth it as I learnt to shoot in manual settings for the first time. I achieved great results, so I'm really proud.'


Image by Clytie Meredith Image by Clytie Meredith

'I've always been interested in photography I wanted to explore the art more and develop skills for it. I met someone who studied at PSC and really loved the experience. After looking at a few other places, I came to PSC for a tour and had a short interview with the wonderful people who work here. I loved the photography I saw on the walls of the campus and liked the environment. I just got inspired by everything!'

Image by Clytie Meredith Image by Clytie Meredith

'I'm a full-time mother of three children. As my children are getting older, I wanted to do something that was going to benefit my family and myself. I feel that I'm setting a good example for my children by being creative. This is something I value and want them to value as well.'

Image by Clytie Meredith Image by Clytie Meredith

We are inspired by Clytie's brilliant folio and words. To share an experience as remarkable as hers, feel free to join our next intake that will be commencing on July 4. Click here to enrol.

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