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Jason Bran-Cinaed on Exploring Photography in the Bachelor Pathway

Posted by Social Media on 08/07/2016 2:48:02 PM

Jason Bran- Cinaed has recently completed his Bachelor Pathway Program at PSC, submitting his final folio assessment last month. He is currently in the process of developing his work for the upcoming exhibition 'Pathways' with his classmates in the Photography collective, Project 17.

As a way of celebrating his time at PSC, we asked Jason a few questions about his experience of studying with us:

Why did you decide to enrol in the Bachelor Pathway at PSC?

I had my eye on the bachelor degree from the time I signed up for the Advanced Diploma back in 2011. For me, it was not just about getting the required education around the practical skills and conceptual development of photography, but an education in the broader art work and how photography fits as a medium and craft.

Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed

If you were to pick one thing, which stood out for you in terms of the overall experience, what would that be?

The freedom to experiment and explore. 

During the Advance Diploma I was really focused on developing my skills for the commercial world. However, while I was doing a Commercial major in my final year, I began to shift toward a more commercial/artistic focus in my images. This is where I found myself really beginning to grow and flourish as a photographer and engaging with what I was creating. My head, my heart and my eyes were finally aligned.

So when I began the Pathway I made a very conscious decision not to limit my vision and creativity. I allowed myself (and was encouraged by my tutor Kate Robertson) the freedom to explore and experiment with different ideas, processes and styles. Having an entire year to conceptualise, create and evolve a body of work is a completely different experience to the Advanced Diploma.  Therefore, it’s so important to give yourself the freedom of experimentation and exploration so that you gain the most from the time.

Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed

What was the most rewarding achievement/learning development that you are taking away from this experience?

As a mature-age student with little formal education and no real arts background, I found the academic elements of the Pathway to be equally challenging and rewarding. 

However, creating an incredibly challenging and deeply personal body of work, of which I am proud and excited to be showing as part of an upcoming exhibition at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery, has been the highlight of the past 5 and a half years.

Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed Image by Jason Bran - Cinaed

What motivation/reason would you give current students that are considering enrolling in the 2016 Bachelor Pathway?

If you are looking for an academic challenge, combined with an opportunity to put the skills and knowledge gained during your Advanced Diploma into practice, then this is the path for you. The beauty of this Pathway is that you’re never sure where it will lead you, but the more you put in, the more rewarding the journey will be.

We look forward to seeing more of Jason's photography as he progresses in the field. The PSC community is glad to play a role in deepening the interest and enriching the portfolio of those who are passionate about photography. To find out more about how you can further advance your skills and understanding in the art, feel free to see more details about our Bachelor Pathway Program.

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