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Feature Friday 18th August 2017; Melissa Cachia

Posted by Social Media on 18/08/2017 10:32:30 AM

With quite a number of PSC students, past and present exhibiting at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale this year, we thought we would take a closer look at their work. Featured today, Friday the 18th of August is stage 2 Advanced Diploma of Photography student Melissa Cachia who will be having a solo exhibition titled 'Frozen Flowers' at The Elephant Patch (location) opening Saturday August 19th at 3pm.

Melissa Cachia, Frozen Flowers



Why did you decide to present this work?  
After a few inquiries, interest & sales of my frozen flowers series I decided that this was a good enough incentive to get them from the computer screen to print for exhibitions.
What got you started in photography?
I have always loved Photography, my late father & his partner were keen photographers  so after his passing I decided to take it further!
When you started at PSC, did you have an idea of the kind of photographer you want to become?
I love documenting events, exploring regional towns & markets, showcasing what they have to offer.
What is the most beneficial thing you have learned up to this point? 
 Life is short. If you have a passion or interest-go for it  It is the best therapy.
What has been your most challenging moment at PSC so far?
The Digi lab!!! Im still at layering the pizza stage!!lol
What has been your most rewarding moment at PSC so far?
Way too many to mention, meeting so many talented artists, the friendships that have been made, the tutors & the expertise they bring to class, just to name a few!
How has your style developed? 
Thinking outside the square in terms of  Photography, 2nd year has pushed me beyond just taking a "photo" it's the image, processing & printing that I take into account now, how I want my audience to feel. Evoke emotions
So far, what body of work have you been most proud of?
Frozen Flowers, Yr2 Semester 1, This was a product of exploring my creative side encouraged by my tutor.
What are you working on at the moment?
My industry folio & personal expression folio
What do you do when you’re not taking photos?
Go to work (nursing) cooking, "thinking about my folio", photography workshops!
Where do you find your motivation?
Not sure, I surprise myself most days lol
Who/what inspires you?
Many people inspire me, but mainly people who just get out there & pursues their dreams regardless of age & or capabilities!
What is your dream job/shoot?
To one day own a home studio & do freelance work. Did I mention a café/ gallery!!
Remember to head along to the festival-opening tomorrow- to see more work by other PSC students, including Kathryn Vinella and Sean Mc Donald's exhibition , Sharon Hughes, Stella Nguyen, Marie Watt, Project 17 Collective, Todd Walker, Ian Kemp, and the PSC Alumni.

Melissa Cachia, Frozen Flowers

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