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Feature Friday 22 September 2017; Leah Mitchell

Posted by Social Media on 22/09/2017 1:33:10 PM

Today we are featuring final year Advanced Diploma of Photography student Leah Mitchell who is one of our many mature-age students. Leah's work has recently been picked up by Nude by Nature as she continues to experiment with studio lighting and product photography.


Leah Mitchell, 2017


What got you started in photography?
From a young age I would save up my pocket money, buy Kodak disposable cameras and take photos of my pets and friends. So the love of photography has always been there. I was a dancer for 18 years, so I was always in front of the camera but now I love being behind the camera.

When you started at PSC did you have an idea of the kind of photographer you wanted to become?
When I started at PSC, my dream job was to become a National Geographic photographer.

What is the most beneficial; thing you have learned up to this point?
If your heart is not in it, it will show in your work.

What has been your most challenging moment so far?
Most challenging moment would have to be my first folio presentation as I used to a have a fear of public speaking.

What about your most rewarding moment?
My most rewarding moment at PSC so far would have to be seeing my short film at the PSC Cinema night and then seeing it used for advertising of the Social Media course.

How has your style developed?
I feel my style has a commercial feel to it now, I do a lot of portraits and still life.

What is the body of work you are most proud of?
The body of work that I am most proud of is my still life series called 'Seven Deadly Sins' which was my folio for trimester 3.

Leah Mitchell, Seven Deadly Sins, 2017


What are you working on at the moment?
I recently did a Korean Fashion Shoot which was a collaboration with another photographer for MiranDay Designs. At the moment I have picked up a couple of jobs; I did my first newborn photo shoot, and also have a few family portraits lined up. For my final semester, I am working on a makeup folio inspired by the Wizard of Oz. I've actually got my own little studio in the garage at the moment that I've using to play with my still life work.

What do you do when you're not taking photos?
When I am not taking photo's you would find me in a shopping centre buying new products to shoot.

Where does your motivation come from?
My motivation comes from my passion and love of photography. I could not imagine doing anything else in my life.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a fashion photographer and to see my work on the front cover of a magazine.


Leah Mitchell, 2017

To see more of Leah's work, follow her on Instagram.

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