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The PSC campus is abuzz with the wonderful news of our two students Lucie McGough and Elli Bardas winning awards at the CCP Salon 2015.  Celebrating 23 years of Australian contemporary photography, the exhibition had 29 categories of awards with a large number of photographers from all over the country who were nominated.

CCP 2015 CCP 2015

The panel of judges comprised of Arlo Mountford, Katrina Sedgwick (Director of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Pippa Milne (CCP Curator) and Naomi Cass (CCP Director). They unanimously selected Lucie for the Best Fashion Work award and Elli for the ‘Sun Studios Excellence in Colour’ Award.

Lucie McGough's Image (Best Fashion Work Award Winner) Image: Lucie McGough

Image: Elli Bardas Image: Elli Bardas

We also want to congratulate our PSC PrintShop external customers who took out awards at the CCP Salon: Frances Valentine for ‘Adobe Most Conceptual Use of Digital Media’, Matt Portch for ‘JCP Studios and Fini Frames Best Landscape’ and Agata Mayes for ‘Kayell Best Commercial Work’.

Image: Frances Valentine Image: Frances Valentine

Image: Agata Mayes Image: Agata Mayes

Image: Matt Portch Image: Matt Portch

PSC PrintShop’s Peter Hatzipavlis played a crucial role in the development of these award winning images, providing his high level of expertise as our prime print specialist.

We are happy about the high quality and standard we see in our students’ work and feel proud of their achievements, especially when their talents and levels of dedication are recognised by the wider industry. The CCP Salon was a wonderful opportunity for PSC students to network and receive great exposure. So many of them participated and exhibited their work, paving the way for a bright career in photography ahead.

CCP Salon 2015 CCP Salon 2015

As in previous CCP Salons, PSC was proud to sponsor the Best Fashion Work Prize, as leading providers in photography education. With our highly acclaimed staff of teachers, printing specialists and studio managers, our prominent role in the Australian photography industry allows us to open opportunities for those who are passionate about the craft. It's great to see the skills that our students are learning in class, presented in their unique, award-worthy work.

We were honoured to be a part of the CCP Salon 2015 and look forward to getting involved again, next year!

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